Build a personal image,

How other people around you perceive you and how you feel is your image.

Success at work and in life is certainly the result of interpersonal relationships and building it is like that

like achieving success in technical skills or business.

Ask anyone who has achieved success - without creating your own image and taking care of how the environment perceives you, it would be impossible.

When you meet people on your way, you create the so-called "first impression" .... don't let it be  the last one.

It is only up to you.

The areas that have a huge impact on your image are:

  •    appearance

  •    interpersonal reactions

  •    verbal and written communication

  •    public speaking

  •    networking (building professional, mutual relations in order for both parties to achieve the set goal.)


During your training stay with us, you will have the opportunity to try out everything you learn.

There is no better science than practice related to the knowledge imparted.

Only by practicing and applying what you have learned can you achieve your goal.

Always reach higher than you are standing  - it's your success

All our trainings are conducted by professionals with many years of experience in image building.

They trained people who currently hold high political and economic functions, as well as those who run their own business "with your feet firmly on the ground".

The trainings are only stationary - stay for 3 and 4 days  including accommodation, meals

and aids  to achieve the training goal.

Training cost PLN 3,400 ( 3 -day-3-day training ) and 4,200 ( 4-day-4-day training )           

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