During the Earth and Song Festival

organized by the Szprotawa Community Center on July 2-4, 2021

The Henryków Palace with great pleasure hosted two singing groups,

we have also prepared meals for band singers' feasts -

over 800 meals were served over three days.


Like Pałac Henryków, we funded two prizes for the Laureates of the Festival.

I had the pleasure to present them during the Gala Concert on July 4, and they were given to:

"Kupskie Echo" from Kup, Dobrzeń Wielki province. Opole Province

and Stawnianki from Stawno province. West Pomeranian.

We are glad that we were part of this beautiful event.

Congratulations to all the teams involved in this endeavor.


Szprotawa Community Center

with the cooperation of our palace, invites you to the next event.

This time we invite you to admire it

the work of the participating painters

in the Polish-German painting open-air "Meetings of close strangers".

20 artists from Poland and Germany (including Karol Bąk, Sabina Maria Grzyb, Peter Heyn, Anna Hubsch)

will host the Henryków Palace and it will be possible to "watch" them there.

Perhaps you will meet artists as well

in other places in our commune.

As part of the project, we also have other important events to which we cordially invite you. Art workshops for children and adolescents, which will be conducted by artists participating in the plein-air

lecture by Dr. Iwona Peryt Gierasimczuk

in the SzDK auditorium

and opening of the post-plein-air exhibition

along with a concert of classical music.

The project for the SzDK has been subsidized

from the FMP in the Euroregion "Sprewa-Nysa-Bóbr"

for the Cooperation Program INTERRG VA 2014-2020 in the amount of 12 thousand. E.

Plakat - POL.jpg


They will be led by an outstanding painter–

participant of the Polish-German painting plein-air - Krzysztof Trzaska

a graduate of the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture

Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław

and the Institute of Art History at the University of Warsaw.

Mr. Krzysztof is a painter

and graphics, he is also the author of objects, installations, videos, multimedia activities

and projects implemented on the Internet.

He collaborated with the Galerie du Chevalier in Paris, and received a number of awards and distinctions

on national and international

painting competitions.

All painters declared their help,

and we have prepared enough materials.

The workshops are organized as part of the Szprotawa Cultural Center project co-financed by the Euroregion "Sprewa-Nysa Bóbr"

Fri "Meetings with close strangers".

  September 17, 2021

we invite all children to the palace gardens,

where Ms. Monika Kubik - the head of Henrykowa is preparing

a great holiday for you.

Details will be available on this website shortly